Research and Conferences

2002 - Research work on the Mathematical Modeling of the Rhizosphere.
               Technical University of Vienna, Austria, Europe. March-August.
2002 - International Conference and Instructional Workshop on Industrial Mathematic",
IIT Mumbai, India, Dec. 2-9
2002 - Paper presentation on  An introduction on Modeling of Physical Problems a two days seminar on "Applicable Mathematics",
               Central Department of Mathematics, Kathmandu Nepal, September 20, 2002.
2003 - Paper presentation on  Research Explosion in Mathematical Sciences
               Central Department of Mathematics and Nepal Mathematical Society, Sept. 21, 2003, Kathmandu.
2011 - International Satellite Seminar on\Role of Mathematics in Science and Engineering (ISSRMSE-11)
               May 13-14, 2011 Graphic Era University, Dehradoon, India.
2011-  International Colloquium on History of Mathematical Sciences and Symposium on Non-Liner Analysis
organized by Department of Mathematics Kumaun University,
               S.S.J. Campus, Almora and Indian Society for History of Mathematics; 16-19 May 2011
2012 - National Conference of Mathematics 2068 BS(NCM-2012),
               Organized by Nepal Mathematical Society, Kathmandu Nepal.,
               Papers have been presented in different Mathematica Day Program and other program in the Central Department of Mathematics.