Research Experience

PhD Supervison 

(Jan. 2013 to till)
  1. Name of the student: Buddhi Prasad Sapkota
    Mathematical Modeling of Indoor Air Pollution Distribuion Using Navier-Stokes Equation
    Central Department of Mathematics, T.U., Nepal
  2. Name of the student: Ramesh Chandra Timsina
    Transport and Growth of Microbes in Unsaturated Porus Medium(Soil)
    Central Department of Mathematics, T.U., Nepal
MPhil. Thesis Supervison
  1. Dhak Bahadur Thapa - Completed
  2. Ananta Uprety
  3. Gyanendra Panday 

Masters Thesis Supervison
  1. Sukra Bahadur B.K. - Completed
  2. Vijaya Pokhrel - Completed
  3. Naveen Kumar Mahato - Completed
  4. Chhabi Siwakoti - Completed
  5. Prem Bahadur Rana - Completed
  6. Khagendra Adhikari - Completed
  7. Udaya Shah - Completed
  8. Subash Acharya - Completed
  9. Santosh Khadka 

Seminar for the Students (Master’s Level, 2 credit Hrs.)
  1. Kiran Kumar Mainali: Sturm-Lioville Method to Solve Differential Equations
  2. Purna Kumar Tumbapo: Applications of First Order ODEs.
  3. Ganesh Shiwakoti: Applications of Second Order ODEs.
  4. Devendra Joshi: Modeling of some Chemical Mixture and Biological Problems.
  5. Dhani Chandra Limbu: Derivation of Wave Equation and Rieamnn Volterra Solution.
  6. Bhuvan Adhikari: Applications of Second Order ODEs.
  7.  Manoj Kumar Sah: An Excursion on Mathematical Modeling.
  8. Raja Ram Thapalia: An Excursion on Population Model.
  9. Amrit Dahal, Ramji Pariyar, Khursid Ansari, Kaushal Ghimire: Mathematics Everywhere.
  10. Jedu Ram Poudyal: WKB Method.
  11. Chandra Bahadur Thapa: Modeling of Weakly Non-Linear
  12. Romharsha Panthi: Mathematical Excursion on Bio-Fluid.
  13. Om Prakash Sapkota: Application of Bessel Equation.
  14. Dol Raj Pandey; Projectile Problem and its Solution by Perturbation Method.
  15. Lok Bahadur BC: Modeling in Biology.
  16. Khem Raj Koirala: Applications of ODEs.
  17. Santosh Kumar Yadav: Applications of PDEs.